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About Us

Our Team

Our team at strategic directions offer a unique blend of industry experience and advanced training.

Industry Experience

Our team has worked on every level of political campaigns, from small local campaigns focused on contacting and communicating with a few hundred people, to national level campaigns, in Canada, Australia and the UK. We realize that your campaign matters to you, whether it is local, national or international. And we provide the same level of service and support to every client. We have worked with dozens of leadership candidates, and we know that a leadership campaign is unique, with unique. More importantly, we know the unique solutions to these problems and the best possible path to victory. We also have experience with non-profit groups and private-sector clients.

Advanced Training

Our team boasts PhD team members with advanced training in statistics, survey design, and applied research methods. While anyone can write a series of questions and ask a group of people to respond, our team can help you design a professional quality public opinion poll, one that is representative of your target area. This way you can have confidence that your results are an accurate representation of your community. We can help you determine, how many responses is enough to have confidence in your results. We can also offer advice about how many questions you can ask, and how that will impact your ultimate response level. We can suggest changes to your survey script to ensure that your questions are clear and your respondents are more likely to give accurate responses.

As a premium service, we offer advanced data analysis of your results. Is your sample representative of your community? Do you have mostly women in your group? How is that impacting your results. Are you curious about how the different areas of your community responded? And are these differences meaningful, or just a random difference? We can solve these issues and offer a greater understanding of your results.

Our Core Principles

We focus our services and customer relation around three core principles.

Communication should be simple

Your job is complicated enough, communicating with your group should not be. We are happy to help you every step of the way, from explaining how the services work, to setting up your events with you and to explaining the results in a way that makes sense to you. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation, so we can see if our services are right for you.

When you feel that you can handle this whole automated communication thing, we offer a Self-Serve client account to our most trusted clients. The self-serve account lets you upload your own lists, schedule your broadcast date and launch it, with no wait time or delay. Contact us for more information about this service.

Size doesn't matter

At least not when it comes to our services. Our services are completely scalable, which means whether you want to contact 100 people or 1,000,000, we have a service dedicated to you. Our communication system can contact over 10,000 people a minute, so we can handle any size of list. And our rates are the same for a list of 100 or a list of 1,000,000, so you don't pay any additional premiums to contact a small list.

Every problem has a solution

We pride ourselves in finding creative solutions to unique problems that fit within your budget. Do you have something new you want to try, but aren't sure that it can be done? We are happy to provide a free, no obligation consultation so that we can find a solution together.

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